About Us

Nutrinfantil, is a private initiative foundation with more than 20 years of continuous experience. We work in the municipality of Mosquera, Cundinamarca within the 5 neighborhoods located on the edge of the Bogotá River (Planadas, Managua, Cerritos, Porvenir Río and Sabana), where there is a community of informal workers, recyclers, and migrants, where the danger of violence, micro-trafficking, drug use and the lack of security make them a vulnerable population.

We fully intervene in groups of 80 to 100 families, through an interdisciplinary group that teaches good healthy lifestyle habits and conducts biweekly monitoring through a family plan. We reinforce good behaviors in health, nutrition, hygiene, education, housing conditions, psychosocial support and savings, in addition to training them to create their own income-generating activity supporting family income.

We are committed to working to reduce and eradicate poverty in Colombia. For this reason, since 2015 we have adopted the FXB Village methodology that provides us with the support to fulfill our mission. Additionally, we have an urban facility within the community, which has allowed us to provide a decent space for our beneficiaries and build trust with the community. We invite you to hear testimonies and the intervention of our team in the following video.
Los invitamos a conocer testimonios y la intervención de nuestro equipo en el siguiente video.


Create opportunities that nurture hope for a better life. 



To intervene comprehensively with families in vulnerable communities in our country, helping them to overcome multidimensional poverty.



We want to be recognized as the social enterprise that has made the greatest impact in improving the quality of life of our children.



Business values are the elements that define the structure, line of action, ethical principles and organizational culture.


Love allows us to wish the best for those around us and encourages us to do things well in order to fulfill our purpose as a Foundation.



Commitment is to achieve everything that we plan to do accompanied by constant work, to create opportunities that nurture the hope of a better life for the children and their families that we support.


Optimism helps us face difficulties with good courage and perseverance, discovering the positive things that people and circumstances have, taking the best from each situation and trusting in our abilities and possibilities to provide the best possible support.



Solidarity is helping any human being at any time, especially in situations of abandonment. Solidarity allows us to unconditionally help and collaborate, both materially and emotionally, with children and their families who live in difficult situations, seeking a better quality of life.

¿What Do We Do?

Our model

Our model is the integral intervention for families through an urban facility with a range of programs and services that have solid roots and endure over time to transform the community.

Our comprehensive intervention focuses on improving the living conditions of individuals through methodologies that develop skills, enhance their capabilities and strengthen values.


For that we currently have 3 programs:

1. Nurturing Families – Program to overcome multidimensional poverty that works under the FXB methodology. We simultaneously address important factors that contribute to the eradication of poverty such as: economic empowerment, nutrition, education, health, housing improvement and psychological support. FXB.
We simultaneously address important factors that contribute to poverty eradication such as: economic empowerment, nutrition, education, health, housing improvement and psychological support.

2. Nutrinfantil Soccer School – using the Soccer with Heart methodology. Teaching values and life skills through sport.

3. Cultivarte – an agreement with the Bolívar Davivienda Foundation, which offers recreational, artistic and cultural programs for the good use of the free time of children and adolescents.

The three programs have in common the search for the care of children through the restitution and guarantee of their rights. 

Nutrinfantil works with the populations of the municipalities of Funza and Mosquera in Cundinamarca. Specifically in 5 of the neighborhoods furthest from the head of the municipality, which have been left behind and forgotten. within these are: Planadas, Porvenir Río, Cerrito, Managua and Sabana.

Our Story

Primera sede

In 1998, Mrs. Judith Gutiérrez de González and her children decided to make a donation in memory of her husband who had passed away, Dr. Jorge Eduardo González, a contribution with which on July 9, 1999, the Nutrir Bogotá Foundation was legally born in the Chamber of Commerce with the motto "Feeding the Body and the Soul." 

En el año 2000 la empresa Agrobetania S.A hace un aporte a la Fundación y la invita a trasladar su operación a los municipios de Mosquera y Funza. Se instala la primera cocina con capacidad para preparar hasta 2000 almuerzos diarios para niños de escasos recursos y en riesgo de desnutrición.  

Food was prepared at this location for 5 years and the name of Fundación Nutrir Bogotá was changed to Fundación Nutrinfantil.

In 2007, the Foundation's campus was inaugurated in the Santa Teresita neighborhood, with the purpose to prepare around 1,200 lunches per day supporting the nutrition of children and adolescents in schools in the area. 

In 2011, the second major investment was made and the second headquarters were built in the Planadas neighborhood of the Municipality of Mosquera. For this project we had the support of the Embassy of Japan, Rotary Club of Teusaquillo and private companies.  

In June 2012 the El Segundazostore was inaugurated, located on Calle 68 with Carrera 17 where donations of used clothing, toys and furniture are received. This project has become an important source of project financing, contributing to the sustainability of Nutrinfantil.

In October 2012 the operation began at the Planadas headquarters, Mosquera. Food is delivered to around 750 children daily and activities are carried out for adequate use of the children's free time, where the Ludoteca is implemented in agreement with the Mosquera mayor's office. On average, around 1800 people benefit from all activities, including children, youth and adults per month.

In 2014, an Agreement was signed with the FXB Colombia Foundation to apply the  FXB Village model to overcome extreme poverty. Integrally intervening, in the hands of an interdisciplinary team, groups of 100 families in various neighborhoods of the Municipality of Mosquera.  

From 2015 to 2018 the administrative office of Nutrinfantil moved to the San Carlos II Industrial Park where the main kitchen also worked. That same year, after evaluating the change in the economic level of the new population in the area, the Santa Teresita headquarters were closed and the programs were transferred to Mosquera.

At the end of 2017, lunches were stopped being delivered to the boys and girls of the community, since the public schools in the area began to offer food to the students. By then, the Foundation had already focused all its efforts on the FXB family program and the soccer school with the methodology:"Fútbol con Corazón"”.

In the second semester of 2019, an agreement is made with Fundación Bolívar - Davivienda and the Cultivarte programis implemented. A space for art, culture and reading, which seeks to enhance the talents of children and young people and thus use their free time in a productive way.

Our Team

In Nutrinfantil we want to add value to our projects, this time with a special guest Tummas Kastalag, innovation specialist, we were able to dictate a workshop of understanding to the beneficiary families of the FXB program.

Entrepreneurship is a very important tool for families working to break process cycles. We want to address the need to create scalable and profitable business models.

Administration Team


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