Our model is the integral intervention for families through an urban facility with a range of programs and services that have solid roots and endure over time to transform the community.

Our comprehensive intervention focuses on improving the living conditions of individuals through methodologies that develop skills, enhance their capabilities and strengthen values.

Overcoming Poverty

In 2014, an agreement was signed with the FXB Foundation to apply the FXB Village model for 100 families living in extreme poverty in Mosquera, Colombia.

The FXBVillages Community Development Program simultaneously addresses the important factors that contribute to poverty eradication: economic empowerment, nutrition, education, health and housing. 

Unlike other entrepreneurship and welfare programs, FXB Village is a comprehensive model that breaks the poverty traps in the long run.

Through a rigorous selection process, several groups of 100 families each receive weekly support from an interdisciplinary team composed of psychologists, nurses and social workers who follow up with the objective of improving their health, education, nutrition, housing and financial conditions.

The commitment of all family members to assimilate the changes, train themselves and work towards a productive project guarantees long-term economic stability. A base capital granted by the foundation at the beginning of the program makes this possible.

"Fútbol con Corazón"

This project follows the methodology of FCC (Fútbol Con Corazón), which seeks to permanently transform realities, promoting that children and adolescents (NNA - niños, niñas y adolescentes) are an active part of this process.

Scoring goals on a playing field not only has the power to entertain and recreate, but also to lead children and adolescents to make good life decisions that, in the end, allow us to form better citizens for the world.

This project benefits 114 children between the ages of 5 and 17.


We create a space for play and learning, so that children receive their first tools in the construction of a better country.

In order to complement and reinforce our programs, we have additional activities that we carry out in conjunction with the Mayor's Office of Mosquera and volunteers who offer to share their skills with our beneficiaries. We invite you to be part of this family and help our families spend their free time in productive activities.